Why dentist’s in Croatia?

  • Prices 50-80% lower than in other EU countries
  • Using only best dental materials
  • High-end equipped clinics in Croatia

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Our patients

Finally I can laugh again without having to cover my mouth with my hands. Many thanks to your professional team!

Warranty on dental implants

Who places implants in our clinics?

Oral surgeons with experience in implant placement

Only specialized oral surgeons, with a years-long experience in implant placement, place implants in our clinics. All our implantologists are internationally educated dentists, who attended numerous expert meetings and seminars, in the field of oral surgery and implantology, but who also visited international conventions and seminars. Not only do they participate, but they are also active as guest lecturers, transferring their knowledge and expertise to their colleagues all around the world.

Why place implants in Croatia?

School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, is one of the renowned dental schools in Europe, and Croatian dentists are being very respected within the EU and even wider. They are recognized as experts and specialists in their field of activity, setting standards on domestic as well as international implantology scene.

Price for the complete procedure can be up to 70% lower

Is there a warranty for implants?

In our clinics, we place titanium Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants, one of the most respected dental implants manufacturers in the world. Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants have a lifetime manufacturer warranty and are therefore the best choice for all the patients wanting the best the market of modern dental implantology can offer.

Is the price lower in Croatia than in other EU countries?

Croatian implantologists belong to the world's top for their expertise. Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare and Straumann dental implants we use are among the best in the world, but the price for the complete procedure in Croatia can be up to 70% lower than in your country. The reason of it are significantly lower labor costs, making the significant price difference between your country and Croatia. This way you will be treated by the best oral surgeons, with the best implants with lifetime warranty, in new modern equipped dental clinics, and all of it for the best price in Europe.