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Sinus lift

Why is sinus lift done?

Why is sinus lift done?

For a successful implant placement essential are quantity and quality of the bone, into which the implant is placed. Maxillary sinus lift is done when there is not enough bone structure in the jaw for implant placement. This concerns exclusively the area of the back upper jaw, where molars and front molars used to be. That area usually lacks bone for implant placement after tooth loss or periodntitis, because of rapid atrophy of the bone ridge and increase of the sinus cavity. Mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus is then grafted into the jawbone, where the tooth root used to be.

In order to increase the volume and secure enough bone in the jaw, needed for implant placement, membrane of the maxillary sinus has to be lifted all along it, to make enough space for bone regeneration or transplantation.

How is sinus lift done?

Dental implant

Sinus augmentation or sinus lifting is usually done simultaneously with implant placement if there is a minimum volume of the bone supporting the implant. If the bone has totally atrophied, around 6 months are needed between sinus lift and implant placement.

Sinus lift is done under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The incision is made on the inner side of the mouth, so it does not leave any visible scars after the procedure. The procedure starts with an incision in the gums, in the area where your gum borders with the sinus. After opening the sinus, we lift its membrane to create space for artificial bone. When we have secured enough space between the membrane and the jaw, we insert artificial bone granules through the opening, which will accelerate your natural bone regeneration in only a few months. The opening is sewed after insertion of granules. This procedure is a painless routine procedure, and a slight swelling might occur after the procedure, but it disappears in a few days.

What is the temporization of implant placement after sinus lift?

Temporization of implant placement after sinus lift

If your jaw has at least 2 millimeters of bone, before sinus lift, in the area where the implant will be placed, its placement can be done simultaneously with the sinus lift, immediately after insertion of granules for bone regeneration. If the bone is thinner than 2 millimeters or is totally atrophied, about 6 months will be needed for the bone to regenerate, and the implant can be placed after that period of time.