Why dentist’s in Croatia?

  • Free accommodation in luxury apartments
  • Prices 50-80% lower than in other EU countries
  • There are no hidden fees or surcharges

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Our patients

Finally I can laugh again without having to cover my mouth with my hands. Many thanks to your professional team!

Implant centers

Implant centers

Implant centers in Croatia

Our own implant centers in Croatia are a guarantee of tradition, experience and quality. All of our implant centers are modern equipped facilities which utilize only the most modern and advanced technology available in dental medicine. Our staff consists of internationally trained experts that have gained their experience worldwide, and which expertise have become widely known and appreciated. Each implant center gathers a team of experts in the field of all branches of dental medicine (implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics ...), dental assistants, interpreters, hostesses, and many other professionals who will provide you superior dental care.

Dental laboratories

Each center has its own dental laboratory which produces all dental supplements as soon as possible. There is no waiting because everything is done in house, and in direct contact with the patient. Dental technician, that makes your crowns, is present during the consultation to asure you that your new dental crowns placed on the implants will be true copies of your natural teeth in form, shape and color. With this kind of treatment and service, natural and brilliant smile is guaranteed!