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Artificial bone grafting

What is an artificial bone grafting?

Although the name „artificial bone“ refers to another foreign body implanted into your mouth, this is not really true. When we say „artificial bone“, we refer to granules implanted on your bone beneath the mucous membrane. They stimulate the body to reproduce the bone and in the period from 6 to 10 months, your natural, new bone will grow there.

When can artificial bone be used?

Artificial bone grafting

Artificial bone is used when your jaw lacks bone due to periodontitis, tooth extraction or any other reason, in order to place an implant. Besides enabling us the placement of an implant, it should also be emphasized that bone regeneration stops gum recession and further jawbone deterioration, and by it prevents collapsing of neighboring teeth.

What is the success of artificial bone implantation?

Artificial bone implantation success is maximal. The body almost always accepts the granules, stimulating your body to start bone regeneration.