Why dentist’s in Croatia?

  • Prices 50-80% lower than in other EU countries
  • Using only best dental materials
  • High-end equipped clinics in Croatia

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Our patients

Finally I can laugh again without having to cover my mouth with my hands. Many thanks to your professional team!

Advantages of dental implants placement

Who are our oral surgery specialists?

In our dental clinics, specialized for implantology, we employ exclusively oral surgery specialists with a years-long experience in implant placement and international certificates of their professional training. All of our implantologists regularly participate in leading European and worldwide conferences and seminars, on the subject of oral surgery and implantology. Most of them are guest lecturers, transferring their knowledge and expertise to all other participants.

Advantages of dental implants placement

Which implants do we place and what are their advantages?

Our implantologists place Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare and Straumann dental implants. These manufacturers are among the market leaders in titanium implant and other dental replacements production.

Does implant placement hurt?

Implant placement is completely painless. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and all patients are guaranteed a quality postoperative therapy, making the postoperative period painless, too.

What is the warranty period for placed implants?

We place Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants, with a lifetime warranty. You will be given insight into all terms of warranty by your implantologist, prior to the procedure.